Cheese Whiz

Chedd's alert: This time the revolution will be televised, you betcha.

Chedd's extra-sharp cheddar is delicious -- mean and punchy with a wicked, dry-mouth bite. Its mozzarella is delicate, its Limburger the real deal, all gooey and stinky and nasty as anything. Chedd's has artisan cheeses like wild morel and leek (which makes for a great grilled cheese on sourdough), Tabasco-jacked Cajun, German brick and baby Swiss to be mixed and matched any way you like. It also offers your basic picnic foods -- mayo-heavy red-skin potato salad, sour German potato salad and more, depending on the day -- as sides. For those whose hearts are still in Wisconsin, a different variety of Sheboygan bratwurst is offered every single day. And finally, Chedd's does soup, most notably a tomato-basil that's rich, thick, just a little spicy and perfect for dipping, as well as a Wisconsin cheese soup that -- oddly enough, given its origins -- tastes like heavy cream, like butter, like salt and pepper and not at all like cheese. Dropping an extra brick of white farmer's into the pot would make all the difference.

But who cares about soup when we're taking back our country's heritage? Pain et fromage? No more. Croque-monsieur? Gimme my Oinkey and get outta my face. The American mother sandwich -- the lowly, meek and modest grilled cheese -- is ours to fight for, and Chedd's is where I'm making my stand.

The grill next door: Dirk and Wendy Bruley are the 
heads behind Chedd's.
James Glader
The grill next door: Dirk and Wendy Bruley are the heads behind Chedd's.

Location Info


Cheddar's Casual Cafe

15775 E. Briarwood Circle
Aurora, CO 80016

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Aurora


1906 Pearl Street
Hour s: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. daily

Gourmet grilled cheese, one bread, one cheese: $4.75
Daily bratwurst: $4.50
Soup: $2/2.75
Sides: $2.50
Melts: $6

So, who's with me?

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