The Beatdown

Wasting away in Hookah-ville.

To be fair, that was a training night. I'm sure Tadevossian's fixed that snafu, just as he's made short work of other obstacles at the club. And annoyed as I was at the credit-card situation, I'm all about the hookah. Since no other club in town offers anything like that, I'll be back, waiting my turn to walk like an Egyptian -- if Tadevossian relaxes the dress code, that is, and lets me rock my ballcap.

Upbeats and beatdowns: On Friday, November 28, the Larimer Lounge celebrates its new all-ages permit by throwing back-to-back shows. The Gamits, accompanied by Laymen Terms and Whiskey Kiss, will kick things off for the kids at 7 p.m.; then, at 10 p.m., as the youngsters scurry off to beat their curfew, the Gamits, Love Me Destroyer and Doozer will stay up late to entertain the booze-swilling adult crowd. Meanwhile, at Herman's Hideaway, the venerable members of the Rock Advocates will try to keep up with the Trailer Park Playboys and Brethren Fast. Also on Friday night, the Downs and Reno Divorce will incite the crowds at the Bluebird Theater before Agnostic Front breaks the seal on its geriatric brand of hardcore. Finally, on Saturday, November 29, the brave souls from Triad Dragons will present Caffeine at Fat City, featuring DJ Micro, Richard "Humpty" Vission, DJ Icey, John Debo, DJ Rectangle, Fury, D.Ecco, Dragon, Hycloud and more.

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