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Talk hard

He has no such reservations about most other politicos, which is why he's developing a syndicated newspaper column that will zero in on the vast middle ground that most politicians ignore. "Listen," he says. "If there can be a far left and a far right, can't there be a far center?"

Broach is betting there is.

Switch it, switch it good: Broach isn't Colorado's only creative thinker. And not all good ideas come out of think tanks, even though Colorado is crowded with such big thinkers as the Bell Policy Center and the Aspen Institute and the Independence Institute and the Rocky Mountain Institute and the Center for the New American Century and the Bighorn Center for Public Policy... You get the idea. Nor do they always come from entrepreneurial organizations like the Louisville-based DaVinci Institute, which has offered the world such inventions-that-haven't-yet-been-invented as the Instant Sleep Chamber, a weather controller and a space hotel.

Lip service: KISS's kiss billboard before the smooch 
Lip service: KISS's kiss billboard before the smooch ended.

No, sometimes they knock you upside the head while you're sitting in bed. At least that's what happened to Metro State grad Matthew Rowland, who now has offered mankind the Switch It.

It seems that Rowland didn't want to hop out of bed after studying to hit the switch, and the infamous Clapper, which lets you turn off the lights by clapping your hands, "seemed like it was for old people," he says. So he rigged up strings on pulleys to do his bidding.

"Whenever everybody would come into my room, they'd be like, ŒWhat the heck is that?' says Rowland, who was a Florida State student at the time. "All my nephews wanted it in their rooms."

The retail market has been slower to catch on, however. Rowland, now an employee of Lockheed Martin, is still shopping for manufacturers to make the Switch It, which he hopes to sell for a reasonable $4.95.

Clap on.

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