High and Low Show

Cordell Taylor gets a shot at Red Reel

Hauber has made many surprising discoveries over the past two and a half years and says she expects many more as she visits five more states before her project is complete. For now, though, she's stopping long enough to display Working in the USA at the Den Gallery, 774 Santa Fe Drive, a show comprising twenty of the nearly 400 photographs she has snapped thus far.

Never using the same profession twice -- she believes doubling up inevitably leads to stereotyping -- Hauber shoots the first subject she comes across, no matter what race, sex or age. The result is an eclectic assemblage of types from all over America. "This experience has really opened my eyes to the diversity of our country," she says.

Working in the USA opens today and runs Thursdays through Saturdays through December 27. Call 303-877-7611. -- Adam Cayton-Holland

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