The Beatdown

When your private parts become public, it's hard not to be a dick.

The two had talked about buying the place for some time and had even approached then-owner Thom Salturelli a few years ago with the idea. Back then, Salturelli -- who'd acquired the spot at 1209 East 13th Avenue in 1978, when it was known as the Light House -- told the duo that the Cricket wasn't for sale. But he promised that if it ever were, they'd be the first to know. And true to his word, when the time came, he told Woodard and Rawles, who officially assumed ownership on Monday.

According to Rawles, no changes will be made at the venue, which will keep pouring out the beer and music without missing a beat. "I've been anxious about this for quite some time," he says. "I'm just excited to get it all settled."

On hand to help Woodard and Rawles celebrate Friday night will be Baggs Patrick, the former host of the Cricket's open stage, as well as current host Tony Medina; Denver Joe, who's as much a part of the place as the address on the front door; Matt Barnes; Sweet Williams and the What Nots; Love.45; Rubber Planet; and Babihead. The Swanks, Dead Heaven Cowboys (featuring former members of the Dogs of Pleasure, a Cricket staple in the late '80s), Black Lamb and Buck Wild will all be on Saturday's bill.

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