Letters to the Editor

From the week of December 18, 2003

Please...allow me to slit my own throat.

Tim Brown and KNRC were supposed to be that little light that shines, pumping out a few watts of opposition to Mike Rosen-like redneck radio. Instead, I see very little and hear even less that reflects the views of hundreds of thousands of black and brown citizens.Apparently, KNRC believes that liberal cheerleaders like Enid Goldstein and artistic happy fellers like Dominic Barash will suffice in pacifying the social left, representing groups white men have historically excluded in civic debate. Nevertheless, both are incapable of articulating the perspective of Afro-Americans and Latinos. Sadly, that's okay -- the demographics behind who's tuning in indicate that those listening, Democrat or GOP, don't give a damn what people of color think.

I know this will hit white folks like a night train, since, true to form, you're the only folks in America who say race doesn't matter. But colored folks' experiences and the resulting outlook -- on, and for, this nation -- differ drastically from mainstream suburbia. Matter of fact, our opposition to the Angry White Male movement that dominates the local/national headlines every day, our disagreement with this backlash, creates the controversy and drives the debate. Yet there's no clamor for authentic genuine minority participation. Flower children and hippies can't speak for Cesar Chavez or Huey P. Newton. Landlords can't speak for the landless. Up ain't down, and black ain't white.

Adding insult to injustice, Tim Brown silenced the only black-owned R&B station in the Rockies, KDKO, only to replace it with fair and balanced infotainment devoid of black input. Brown is presenting both sides -- of the same side.

Desi Cortez

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