Where Are They Now?

The past year has been a mixed bag for AFA cadets.

ē Another former cadet accused of rape has shown up on a Web site that identifies people who solicit minors for sex in regional Internet chat rooms. DonCosta Seawell pleaded guilty in 2002 to forcibly sodomizing a disabled civilian woman and was dismissed from the academy and sent to Miramar, a military correctional facility in San Diego. Two female cadets also accused him of rape, but the academy says their complaints weren't pursued because of lack of evidence. According to academy spokeswoman Pam Ancker, Seawell was released from Miramar on December 29.

Earlier this month, an adult posing in a local Yahoo chat room as a fourteen-year-old girl entered a conversation with a 25-year-old Colorado Springs man going by the screen name the_donjuan02; he asked the alleged minor to meet with him and have sex. The adult who busted him on January 15 -- just seventeen days after he was released from Miramar -- later found pictures the_donjuan02 had posted on a Yahoo photo album. She copied one of him wearing an Air Force Academy sweatshirt and posted it on http://perverted-justice.com/ .

On her honor: Andrea Prasse.
Peter DiAntoni
On her honor: Andrea Prasse.

Former Air Force cadets who knew DonCosta confirmed that he is, in fact, the man in the photo. The Yahoo profile for the_donjuan02 was updated on January 18 to show an obviously fictitious identity and a photo of an obese 42-year-old woman named Lisa. And the cell-phone number that "Don Juan" provided in the chat was disconnected on January 23. Xavier Von Erck, director of Perverted-Justice.com, says his staff of volunteers doesn't tip off police but does cooperate with authorities if they're contacted; as far as he knows, there is currently no police involvement in the "Don Juan" bust.

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