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Dark Victory

If you're looking for a final fix, Chicago, the Windy City-honoring eatery at 6680 West Colfax in Lakewood, received its last Fannie May shipment last week and, as of this past weekend, still had some stock available. "Our regulars have been coming in and buying their usual," said Chicago's Diane Zimmerman. "But we've also had a couple heavy hitters come in to stock up. I think we may still have something left by next week."

And when that last Fannie May candy's gone, what would Zimmerman recommend for a replacement? "There is nothing!" she replied adamantly. "Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. There is nothing comparable out here, and the only thing I can tell people is to get in here quick before it's gone."

Good advice. I'm gonna head over right now and pick up one last Skyline Sampler for old time's sake.

Closed Location

More advice: If you like linking good food and good causes, head to the Oxford Hotel on Thursday, January 29, for the annual Red Wine and Seafood benefit for Volunteers of America. The event will feature live jazz, booze from the good folks at Southern Wine and Spirits, and food by McCormick's chef Stephen Vice. Tickets are sixty bucks per person, an even hundred for couples, and reservations can be made -- fast -- by calling 303-297-0408.

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