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Dirty Girls author tackles ethnic bias

The "visually stunning" journey begins on Earth, heads deep into the universe, then returns home via a black hole. Along the way, viewers are privy to footage from the Hubble telescope as well as supercomputers stationed around the world. Narrated by Tom Hanks, Passport was co-authored by Ann Druyan, the widow of Carl Sagan, and put together by the American Museum of Natural History and NASA.

"It's a far cry from shows of ten years ago," Taylor says. "It's like riding on the tip of a rocket."

Sam Turner
The universe comes knocking in Passport.
The universe comes knocking in Passport.

Passport opens today at the newly reopened, state-of-the-art Gates Planetarium, inside the museum at 2001 Colorado Boulevard. Tickets are $5.50 to $8 (a combination museum/planetarium ticket is $13). For showtimes and other information, call 303-322-7009 or log on to -- Adam Cayton-Holland

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