The Beatdown

Local MC Apostle prepares to battle for the keys to the Kingdom.

Francois Baptiste of 3Deep Productions and House of Blues, who will reportedly wrangle this beef at next month's DMC and MC battle in Boulder (although Apostle says it will probably take place at the Snake Pit at around the same time), thinks the rivalry was inevitable. In fact, he's surprised it took this long to surface.

"I think there's been people in this game for a really long time," offers Baptiste. "And the hip-hop scene as a whole is growing, growing, growing. And I just think, sometimes you have people who bump heads. It's dumb, in a way, but yet it's good, because these older people who have been around doing a lot of shows are going to show people the correct way to handle it. So I think it's a positive thing at the end of the day."

Kingdom thinks otherwise.

The way we were: Apostle (left) and Kingdom in 
friendlier times.
The way we were: Apostle (left) and Kingdom in friendlier times.

"I'm just saying, nobody don't give a damn about Apostle," he says. "Nobody don't give a damn about Kingdom, man. It's the truth. Everybody's just worried about themselves."

Maybe. But Mootown's been starving for a showdown like this for years. And come mid-April, wherever it goes down, you can bet this fat boy will be there -- drooling, with fork in hand.

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