Best Way to Learn Something on Your Lunch Hour

Denver Press Club

Denver's venerable press club is one of the oldest in the country -- but its "Lunch on Deadline" series is right up to the minute. The Denver Press Club regularly hosts noon confabs that feature visiting authors and other newsmakers as the main course -- everyone from syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman to Frontier Airlines CEO Jeff Potter (a sellout). The luncheons are open to the public, and the club's beautifully renovated space provides a far more intimate setting than the auditoriums and ballrooms in which you usually find such high-caliber speakers. (In fact, there's so much food for thought in these lunchtime presentations that many are later shown on Denver's Channel 8.) And you won't be eating any rubber chicken at the club, either: Under Daniel Young, the kitchen's really cooking. The bar's open, too, but you'd be wise to avoid it if you need to return to the office.

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