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A Stitch in Time
Capitol Embroidery targets the death penalty
WED, 4/7

Livermore sculptor Randall Sinner is a quiet man with a major mission: to travel the country, slowly completing "38 of 50: Capitol Embroidery Performance," an ongoing project taking place in the 38 states that still allow capital punishment. Colorado is one of those, and Sinner will hit the steps of the State Capitol today through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, to finish the home-state leg of his traveling protest. What, exactly, is an embroidery performance? That's simple, says Sinner, who's manipulated flags for various conceptual artworks in the past. For "38 of 50," he visits each state capitol, finds a good spot to park himself, rips up the respective state flag and then weaves it into a symbolic noose, a process that typically takes three days.

Sinner doesn't go out of his way to attract attention to his views during the performances.

He plans to finish the project in Austin later this year, around election time. As for results, Sinner has only one wish: "I hope Colorado will be the first state to abolish capital punishment," he says. And he's dead serious. -- Susan Froyd

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