Letters to the Editor

From the week of April 22, 2004

I am a big fan of the Second Amendment, and I believe high school students should be encouraged to express themselves, but there is a point at which a reasonably intelligent teacher has to draw lines and make judgments. What the hell was Kavanagh thinking? Is it not possible to help students create provocative art without engaging in lowest-common-denominator violent crap that simply serves to demean and coarsen?

I am not surprised that audiences have laughed and tittered at Kavanagh's video and his remarks about it. What did he expect? Adoration? A complimentary membership in the ACLU? This project was not a bold expression of free speech. I would say it was more along the lines of a bad poo-poo-pee-pee adolescent joke. On top of it all, apparently the production quality was also shoddy.

Hey, Kavanagh, don't we have enough trouble convincing home-school wackos that public education is viable? Grow up. In the process, you might help your students grow up.

Jack Farrar

Love It or Leave It

Hopping on the ban wagon: Regarding Stuart Steers's "Fire Sale," in the April 15 issue:

Another reason I left that Yuppie Bastion of Moronic Safety-Crats! It started with Boulder writing tickets for people smoking in their cars! Then another set of morons said I can't smoke while I watch the Raiders stomp the Buncos. And now you have assorted shmucks taxing a legal substance into oblivion?

Thank God you idiots are left behind and Vegas still lets us do those legal things we want without all the secondhand hysteria of Colorado. Goodbye and good riddance to what was a wonderful place to live. Vegas is better by far. Keep the morons there; they would be beaten severely here.

Anthony Funches
North Las Vegas, Nevada

The Quiet Riot

A bumper crop: Kenny Be's "Why DU Students Didn't Riot," in the April 15 issue, was painful -- but perhaps more applicable to the University of Denver business school. Social workers drive Toyota station wagons with "Celebrate Diversity" bumper stickers.

Patricia Steffes

Leggo My Logo

Litter plug: I must strongly disagree with J. Chris's letter in the last issue! Kenny Be's April 8 "Pick of the Litter" really captured Denver. I, for one, would be proud to wear a T-shirt that showed a boot on the name of this fair city -- or that picture of the happy panhandler smiling because Denver is the biggest city for beggars this side of Calcutta!

Randy Cramer

Read alert: The City of Denver will close its doors and suspend city services for six more days this year. Our mayor wants us to Pick a Logo and Read a Book.

Potholes are growing larger and streets are deteriorating -- if not blocked by road construction -- and our Mayor wants us to Pick a Logo and Read a Book.

Tourism is lacking and hotel occupancy is high, but at least we're building a new hotel to fix that, so Pick a Logo and Read a Book.

Denver City Council is meeting weekly and spending millions of tax dollars on the prospect of building more public transportation, yet none of the councilmembers take public transportation to the meetings.

In May, the City of Denver is celebrating National Tourism Week -- but we are not telling any of our neighboring states about it. Instead, we are only promoting the event to statewide chambers of commerce. The bad news is, none of the chambers contacted seem to be interested in participating in this historic event.

Our governor is warning us about the necessity of taking drastic measures to reduce water consumption during our record-setting drought, but at least the City of Denver sees fit to market a line of bottled water (with our new city logo on the label) to tourists who visit our community.

The job-loss ratio in Denver is second only to that of our sister city (Detroit, Michigan) -- and what else can one say about that?

This letter was written in part while sitting in traffic on I-25, Route 36 and I-70.

You simply can't make this stuff up!

Name withheld on request

Editor's note: While the city had yet to decide Denver's official logo, last week city marketing director Angela Baier shared with us the tallies for Kenny Be's "Pick of the Litter" proposal. Official suggestion C, the Sunny D-light version, got three votes on the Worst-Case Scenario fax-in ballot; Kenny's baseball-style Capitol building and the "towering tree" -- "my personal favorite," said Baier -- each got one.

Beatdown and Out

Testing his metal: Wow, Dave Herrera's April 8 Beatdown was the first time since his introductory article as the music editor that I thought he had something worth reading. (He's dead-on about Metallica, obviously.) Thanks to Herrera for finally writing about the music and important stuff going on instead of his usual fare. It was honestly a pleasure to read.

If he keeps up this kind of good work, his column won't draw the kind of criticism it has in recent months.

Tom Murphy
via the Internet

Redemption exemption: A few weeks back, I sent Dave Herrera a rather scathing message regarding his article about Rogue. But he has fully redeemed himself with the April 8 Beatdown. Let me just say thank you, thank you, thank you!

John Brice

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