To Market, to Market

Osage Mercado goes public

"My focus is on accessories and gifts that are fun, functional and affordable," says owner Kerry McCullough, who creates custom floral pieces for weddings and events. "I'd call the overall theme retro-Asian chic. I buy for the people in the neighborhood."

And true to its namesake, the two-room boutique sells black bra-and-panty sets decorated with feathers; the lingerie is created by McCullough. "They are the perfect bridal-shower gift," she says. "I love feathers; I use a lot of them in my flower arrangements."

Ethan Wenburg
Plume has a feathery assortment of gifts.
Plume has a feathery assortment of gifts.

Plume is located at 66 South Broadway. Call the store at 303-807-2541. -- Julie Dunn

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