Letters to the Editor

From the week of May 13, 2004

We should embrace people like Holly who volunteer, give money and provide hope. As more and more people become similarly involved, our community becomes a better place to live, period. I commend Westword, because you are a part of our community and you should keep us abreast of the people and organizations that make such a difference.

Roger Armstrong

Hooked on Chronophonic

Fancy Footwork: I read Morgan Wells's May 6 review of Chronophonic. Hmmm, where does one start? Let's just make it simple and say that it was probably one of the most jaded, self-righteous reviews I have and probably ever will read.

First of all, I find the language in the "review" unacceptable. Phrases such as "tap that ass," "fuck you," "shit factor" and "assholes" make Wells sound uneducated; the words sound as if they were used with ill-intent. Second, her opinion is valued. In a review, we, as readers, expect the personality of the writer to illustrate the words. However, I am not quite sure how making references to bandmembers having no tact is actually part of the review of Footwork. Wells is making judgments on the individuals in the band, rather than on the album. But worse than that, she is making cruel and unwarranted judgments on good and talented people she has probably never met.

Next time, she should keep her "opinions" straight and save us the bunk about the two lead singers being assholes. No one said she had to like the album or even give it a good review, but as a writer for a newspaper, she should keep her personal issues to herself. I must say, I am disappointed. This is not the caliber of writing I expect from Westword. She has not done the newspaper or fellow journalists justice.

Meghan Terry
via the Internet

Raw courage: I enjoyed the review of Chronophonic. I would like to see more articles that speak the truth and give it to me raw.

Matthew Davids

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