The Beatdown

The Denver Hip-Hop Summit may have flatlined, but there was still plenty to celebrate about hip-hop in Mootown last week.

So what would Herrera have done, given the opportunity?

"I would have put it in the hands of the Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition, first and foremost," she says. "They are like an umbrella to so many other organizations. Jeff has helped a lot of us really get going in our elements and our own businesses. He has the manpower to be able to pull together a committee to organize an event of that size and fill a venue of that capacity -- easily.

"And plus, we know hip-hop," she adds. "We know what marketing strategies we have to use. We understand the business of hip-hop. You can't just put together a tight flier and hit the streets and expect 15,000 people to show up. Really, it just comes down to the organization. There's also certain entities that you have to involve when you've got a venue that large to fill. You've got to have KS-107.5 on board as your sponsor, doing your advertising. You have to have one of the concert promoters assist in that -- HOB or whoever. You have to have the names that have credibility in filling venues. They certainly could've met their goals by using the right people."

That's the anthem. Get your damn hands up.

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