Patio Daddy-O

Thirteen perfect patios on which to waste the boozy days of summer.

4. Kimball's Twin Peak

Theater (115 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, 1-719-447-1945). It's a bit far to drive just for a movie. After all, the local multiplex is playing Troy, too. But since Denver lacks a civilized theater -- one that allows beer and wine into the show -- it's off to Colorado Springs you'll have to go. You can always have a Coke -- but it's nice to to be able to sneak a little hair of the dog.

5. Tiffany Plaza 6 (7400 East Hampden Avenue, 303-777-FILM, ext. 306). Honestly, who wants to pay nine bucks for the latest teen/chick/slasher flick? Hold out for Tuesdays, and head over to Tiffany Plaza, where a mere fifty cents will score you a solid two hours of mind-numbing entertainment in blissful cool.

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