Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Friday, June 18, Larimer Lounge, 303-291-1007

Born in Germany and raised in St. Louis by way of Mobile, Alabama, the weird and worldly Mr. Quintron has called New Orleans home since 1991. After borrowing a stage name from his father's electrical company and launching a one-man lounge act, Quintron, a former haunted-house curator, teamed up with singer and paramour Miss Pussycat, manager of an underground club called the Milk of Burgundy. Together the pair honed their Big Easy attraction into a kitschy nocturnal spectacle that combines Hammond tube organs, rhinestone finery and adult-themed puppet shows, along with Mr. Q's own custom-built line of Quintronics: the Spit Machine, which utilizes human saliva to conduct electricity; the Drum Buddy, a rotating, light-activated drum machine; and the Fun Gun, a hand-held cannon that fires confections into the crowd. Touring in support of their latest Skin Graft Records release, Are You Ready for an Organ Solo?, the couple offers a refreshingly sleazy alternative to your average Holiday Inn horror show. It's one spicy oyster sandwich -- guar-own-teed.
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