Letters to the Editor

From the week of June 17, 2004

Ben Wilson

Bully for her: Amy Haimerl, you should move! Move! Move! Do not let the stupidity of a few dictate what kind of dog you can own. As long as the dog is loved and well cared for, your ownership is your business, and anything else is in direct conflict with your rights as an American.

And whether you move or not, please vow to fight this perverse view of pit bulls that deems that only gangbangers and criminals would want them. Little old ladies such as myself own, love and care for pit bulls -- in my case, for twenty years. Before that, being a dog lover, I had many other breeds. I find the bully breeds (American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit-bull terriers and bull terriers) to be the most loving, loyal, comedic and gentle of all -- sometimes to the point where I even had to defend them against a bear at Valley View Hot Springs. They have rescued lost kittens and have had no problems with other dogs unless attacked by a dog off-leash, something that should have been the responsibility of the other dog's owner. (Ironically, these dogs have usually been black labs, considered by many to be the most docile and lovable of all breeds.) My children and grandchildren have loved, cared for and survived living with all my bullies. Even Helen Keller, not exactly a threat to society, owned a pit bull.

That animal control's Doug Kelly would make a statement like "We only consider appearance" truly makes Denver the dog-Nazi capital of the U.S. The man has no shame. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near any animal. Hitler thought he was saving Germany, too. May he spend eternity surrounded by vicious cocker spaniels. In my book, that would be hell!

If they want a fight, they will have to pry my pit bull from my cold, dead hands!

Mary Edwards

Heaving petting: I liked Amy Haimerl's article on her boxer puppy. I think she is really doing a good job of being a responsible dog owner by trying not to let her dog get nabbed because of her pit-bull-like exterior. As a Libertarian, I believe that most government regulation should be administered at the local level, so as to involve the people in what matters to them most and provide quality code of law that is both practical and fair. Haimerl's challenge on what is acceptable dog ownership is something that will make lives better for both other dog owners and dogs. I commend her lovingkindness in giving this dog a home and providing responsible dog ownership in an area that probably has such little providence toward man's best friend. Or woman's best friend, in this case.

I am concerned about the procedures in place involving pit-bull terriers in Denver. They are a desired, exploited and feared breed. I don't think Haimerl's dog is a threat to anyone; must she put a sign on her that says" I am not a pit bull"? Please keep fighting to create acceptable and logical procedures in dealing with these situations.

Peter Cohen

Make Them Stop!

Beg control: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Pledge of Allegiance," in the June 10 issue:

Count me as number 51 or 101 of those who believe the begging is excessive, both every day and during pledge drives. I am a donor who switches to KUVO when I am denied Morning Edition and All Things Considered due to begging; I just hope they are not begging at the same time. Because then I am forced to listen to commercial radio, which I just about cannot tolerate.

Mary Lyn Pike

Crap music: Michael Roberts moaned about Colorado Public Radio's on-air fundraising. He could have compared funding schemes in U.S. public broadcasting to similar (often better) services funded by taxes, such as the United Kingdom's BBC. But he just complained about this reality of American public broadcasting.

If he wanted to criticize CPR, he could have found a number of things that they have some control over. Like their "News and Information Station" that inflicts barfy, new-age music upon this great state every Saturday and Sunday night. Why don't they put the new-age music on the classical station? Perhaps because classical listeners have taste and would never stand for Zamfir pan-flute crap any more than the listeners of the "News and Information Station" should.

More important, the only "News and Information" program produced by CPR is substandard. Its interview format doesn't allow any slack when the host and his producers don't know much about the guest or the topic of the interview, as they so often do not. Since the show is nothing but the host, his often shoddy questions and a single guest, it becomes a long, intolerable hour (without opposing guests or callers to inject intelligent comments or correct the slanted spin of biased guests).

This leaves CPR's only locally produced program of questionable worthiness -- especially for all the money they beg for in those on-air drives that drive Michael Roberts nuts.

Andy Bosselman

Something's Funny
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