Westword Music Showcase 2004

Fifty bands. Ten stages. Five bucks. Be there.

If not music, what else?
If it wasn't for music, I would either be a sociologist, as I mentioned above, or a housewife.

What band names were left on the cutting-room floor in favor of your current one?
I think I spun at a house party a few years ago, and on the flier I told them to make my name DJ Stick-E-Buns. Now that I think about it, why didn't I stick with that name?

Funniest/strangest gig story -- local?
I deejayed a high school prom for an alternative school in Brighton last year, which was hilarious. These high school kids would boo me, then give me a CD and tell me what track to play, then pack the dance floor as soon as their CD came on. Then, whenever I would mix out of the song, the dance floor would clear in a matter of seconds, and the booing would proceed.

Love .45
Love .45
DJ Vajra
DJ Vajra

Funniest/weirdest gig story -- on tour?
I deejayed at the Phoenix Bouldering competition a year ago, which is not actually in Phoenix but in the desert outside of Phoenix. I had to haul all of my equipment with my friend "Sasquatch" to Phoenix in his truck (I still owe you for everything you put up with on this trip). Everything went fine with the music except for the extremely hot temperatures. During the after-party, in the middle of this field in the desert, and after having a few drinks, I decided to relieve myself in the bushes instead of the portable facilities conveniently provided by the competition. On my way back from the bushes, I was shanked in the head by this metal pole sticking out from a climbing wall that had been stored sideways on the back of a trailer. I was knocked to the ground but didn't think too much of it at the time. I put my hat back on, and about five minutes later I asked Sasquatch to feel the enormous new bump on my head. Long story short, I ended up being taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital forty miles away and received eight staples in my head. Then I got booted out of the nice hospital bed to wait in a very uncomfortable chair in the emergency room lobby for Sasquatch to pick my sorry ass up. I ended up waiting for four extra hours because Sasquatch had to sober up -- then he got a flat tire and had to walk back to camp to borrow another car. We both got about an hour of rest, then drove straight back to Denver. Sasquatch, you my boy!

Worst gig?

See above anecdote.

What do you love about the local scene?
I love the friends I've made through the local scene and the relationships that have developed through my involvement within it.

What bugs you about the local scene?
I am thoroughly bugged by egos, promoters who manipulate and abuse artists, and those who value money over artistic integrity.

What's the biggest misconception about your band/act?
Most people that see me deejay think I'm around 6'3". I'm always explaining that I'm really only 6'1", and my Afro adds about two inches to my height. So I appear taller than I actually am. Really, I don't think that anyone has any conceptions about me. I hope they'll just listen to my music for what it's worth to them.

Any random facts we should know?
1) Most toilets flush in E flat. 2) No one knows where Mozart is buried. 3) It takes a sloth two weeks to digest food. 4) Gorillas sleep for fourteen hours a day, just like me.

Avalanche or Broncos?
Well, being killed by an avalanche would definitely suck pretty badly, because you would be freezing and probably suffocate, and the whole ordeal could be a slow awkward death. Plus, it would most likely take you by complete surprise, and you would be utterly confused as to what's going to happen to you when you die. There would probably be the thought in the back of your mind that you might be rescued. But I've heard that the aftermath of an avalanche can be quite peaceful. So if you're still not dead when that happens, that could be pretty cool. Now, being trampled by a herd of wild broncos is a different story altogether. I can't imagine that a herd or broncos could sneak up on anyone. It would be absolutely apparent that you're about to get trampled by a bunch of broncos and that there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop them. I would think the pummeling would only last for a few seconds before you either lose consciousness or die, so I can't imagine that you would really feel too much pain or discomfort. And just think of how sweet it would be for people to say, "Can you believe Billy got trampled by that pack of wild broncos?" rather than "Can you believe that Billy got buried in that huge pile of snow?" I'm going to have to go with Broncos on this one.

Parting shot/final comments?
Join DJ Nutter and myself for our office Christmas party, July 6 at the hi-dive, 7 South Broadway. We'll have Christmas punch, pictures with Santa, a secret Santa for those who bring presents, Christmas cookies, and decorations and music to put you in the mood for the Christmas season.

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