Westword Music Showcase 2004

Fifty bands. Ten stages. Five bucks. Be there.

Recent recordings of note?
The Spellbinder EP, with noteworthy vocalist Spellbinder. You may have caught him with the Dojo earlier this year; if not, he performs regularly at Dazzle with the mighty Break Mechanics on occasion. It is a four-song demo EP that turned into a project early this year and had the Analog Suspect and Selecta Roswell twisting the knobs behind the seasoned voice of the Binder. We are two months away from dropping the new Dojo full-length that will feature Apostle, Dialektix, Icabod Strange and others, alongside the Suspect and Undefiable. DJ Idiom and DJ Square have signed on for guest scratches, and we are hoping to involve the Colorado Springs Massive (Accumen1, Black Pegasus and Still Catchin' Wreck) on a collaboration about this strange state of ours. Because it is strange, and those guys are straight wreckin' shit! We also have a remix EP in the works featuring some of our friends from the dance and down-tempo scenes taking on tracks from our first album and the Everything Flows instrumental album. Remixers thus far include: the Draconians, Equueli, Diverse, Annex of Soul, DJ Dnile, McPullish and a few more digital weirdos who stretch the boundaries between glitch and boom.

How do you pay the bills? What are your day jobs?
A master chef, a satellite goddess and a wax slinger pay all their taxes to the Bush and bin Laden families.

What's the biggest crowd you've ever played for?
Either Reggae on the Rocks last year or the Heavyweight Dub: Liberation Process show on April 19, 2003. Both were massive as far as sound, vibes and crowd response.

Love .45
Love .45
DJ Vajra
DJ Vajra

Favorite places to play?
The Mercury Cafe, Revoluciones Gallery, the Boulder Theater, DJ Onket's living room, the Soap Factory, Trilogy Lounge, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Why music?
Music is what moves us as a people and heals us when we suffer. It can be a voice of reason or a verbal fist. It can translate feelings around language and travel the globe at record speed. For the Dojo, music is always a learning experience and, within the Dojo, a teaching one.

If not music, what else?
The Undefiable one makes sweet love in the kitchen, so he would surely open his own chain of restaurants. Chez Noonan: Where you bring the booty and we serve the meat? The Suspect would soon grow weary of cattle country and would make her way to Japan to take her rightful seat as the head of a vicious gang of all-female breakdancing ninjas. The Selecta would be in Europe making crop circles and starring on a reality-TV program where he shares a flat with Harvey Keitel, the Rock, the Olsen Twins, Emeril the chef and, ahem, Scully from The X-Files.

What band names were left on the cutting-room floor in favor of your current one?
Well, first we were going to be Visual Fission Hug, but Optik Fusion Embrace kinda blew that for us. And then we thought, what about Dianetics, like the L. Ron Hubbard quack, but Dialektix kinda ruined that for us. So we just settled on Dojo.

Funniest/strangest gig story -- local?
After opening for Awol and Josh Martinez, we proceeded to watch Mr. Martinez get ill on the mike during his set and then get sick behind the turntables before doing the fifty-yard dash to the men's room, and then, like a champ, returning to the stage to finish his set and even show some fans some breakdancing moves after the show. That is hip-hop at its finest!

Funniest/weirdest gig story -- on tour?
Sitting through a two-hour Equinox celebration ritual that included a parade before performing at a party down in Santa Fe. The dance and hip-hop scene down there is small but organized and organically refreshing -- not polluted by "beef."

Worst gig?
The ones where the promoters collect all the dough and then pull out the file cabinet full of excuses when you try and criticize. But we've recently been informed that apparently, that is, in fact, hip-hop at its finest as well.

What do you love about the local scene?
Keg-hop shows at the old Revoluciones gallery; stores like Twist & Shout/Wax Trax/Bart's and Independent, where you can still buy underground music from someone in a T-shirt instead of a monkey suit; the strong collective sound coming from Colorado Springs hip-hop; Basementalism; labels like Dorje/Nobot/Persistence making waves locally and nationally; Red Rocks -- 'nuff said; punk-rock pizza at Two-Fisted Mario's after the show; GROWednesdays; MotherEarthSoundsytem; the Eclipse Show in Boulder; Fridaze at Dream; Swing-A-Ling Soundsystem and DJ Uplifter; some of the illest turntable wizards this side of the Mississippi, like Vajra/Destro/Idiom/Square/ Thought/Sol/Ali/Inka One/The Radio Bums/Even-flo and those Turbo Kru monkeys; the dedicated and crafty graffiti artists that work this town, as well as the An-ism collective with their digital graffiti; the Art Bus; Mags like Ultrasound and Sherbert; organized anarchy like Monkey Mania; and complete insanity like Chicken and Waffles at the Blue Mule.

What bugs you about the local scene?
It is perfect in every way -- and the moon is made of cheese.

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