Letters to the Editor

From the week of July 1, 2004

Ministry of Funny Talks

Terms of endearment: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Obscene and not heard" item in the June 24 Message:

Rather than "President" Elizabeth Hoffman," why not use the Chaucerian, endearing "Grande C---" Hoffman? Chancellor Byyny could be the endearing "Underc--- " Byyny. Olde English would be appropriate, because I think that Monty Python and His Flying Circus are running the place, anyway.

This imbroglio would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Earl J. Carstensen

Friendly persuasion: Michael Roberts made me laugh unintentionally at the suggestion that 9News is "family-friendly." Maybe if your family is the Manson family. Channel 9 and its parent company, Gannett Corp., make no effort to hide their support, defense, justification and condoning of adultery and abortion; their practice of hiring and promoting homosexuals over heterosexuals; their defense of immorality and illicit drug use; their anti-American platform that they promote almost daily; their justification of racism, bigotry, prejudice and discrimination; and other questionable behaviors and activities.

If Channel 9 is "family-friendly," I don't want to know what constitutes an anti-family stance.

James C. Hess
Fort Collins

Whine Tasting

What the heckle? Regarding Michael Roberts's "David vs. Goliath," in the June 24 issue:

Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi should grow thicker skin or find a new calling. Opinion columns generate reactions. Columnists who use humor to drive their points home will often hear from cranky readers, especially if they think the lampoon is directed at them. Heckle your readers; they heckle back. Harsanyi can do one of two things: keep writing or whine.

Besides, what he considers a personal attack, others might view as jesting. The Montanan who reacted to Harsanyi's lupine roadkill remark by saying he wanted to put Harsanyi's head on his wall was undoubtedly joking. (For one thing, wouldn't it distract from his Charlie Russell prints?) I'm just as sure that if Harsanyi had written in favor of the Yellowstone wolf, he would have received bundles of crank mail from the anti-wolf crowd.

Keep writing, stop whining.

Daniel Buck
Washington, D.C.

Writers bloc: Who is this imposter, and what have you done with media critic Michael Roberts? You could've knocked me over with the combined, unbiased news content in the New York Times from the last year when I found Roberts actually reporting on the fact that one-third (!) of news journalists admit to being liberal. I thought that liberal bias in the media, demonstrated in nearly every mainstream media organ in America every day of the week, was just more evidence of nut-job conservatives' conspiratorial delusions. Never one to jerk a knee too far out of time with the liberal drumbeat, though, Roberts failed to cock a querulous, Jennings-esque brow at the Pew poll's acceptance of most reporters as self-proclaimed "moderates." This is just more left-liberal mendacity. Calling yourself a "moderate" only because your wife made you throw out that ratty old Che poster from college fails the giggle test.

Though he notes that Post conservative columnist David Harsanyi has been getting threatening letters, Roberts carefully toes the line, ignoring who it is who wants to see Harsanyi dead -- d-e-d dead -- because he doesn't want to sacrifice his kids to Gaia. Well, it's all just red meat (roadkill wolf, maybe?) to predators from the right.

JM Schell

Home-state advantage: The question is not how a conservative columnist will fare at the Denver Post. The question is why the Post is importing columnists from New York to do commentary on local Colorado issues. Aren't there any Coloradans who can write?

Joanne Marie Roll

Bush League

Loser cannon: Regarding Bill Gallo's "Less Is Moore," in the June 24 issue:

Sigh. Gallo is sorely mistaken. Michael Moore never "borrowed" his title Fahrenheit 9/11 from Ray Bradbury; "borrow" implies permission was given. He stole it. How it must pain any intelligent reader with integrity to see those two names in the same sentence. I also wonder if there was any original thought invested in the creation of the movie, or if it is but a propaganda machine recycling the same tired attacks on right-wing sentiment. I'm still waiting on the documentary of how Moore deceived the teenagers who appeared in his movie Bowling for Columbine, and how much wealth he has enjoyed at the expense of exploiting our community. If the proverb "History is written by winners" is true, thank God anyone with an iota of true independent thought knows Moore is such a loser.

Erin McNamara

Foul bawl: As a veteran media journalist who's also worked as a film critic, I want to respond on three points to those condemning Fahrenheit 9/11.

First, I notice that those who cannot refute the truth of Michael Moore's film are resorting to personal attacks on the filmmaker. If the tables were reversed, however, if they were personally attacked, they would howl "foul" in the loudest voices possible.

Second, artistically, while there are a few ragged spots in the production, overall Fahrenheit 9/11 is Moore's best work to date. From the laughter at Bush's antics on the golf course to the guffaws at congressmen running away when asked to enlist their own children in the military, from the shock of seeing the uncensored footage of war wounds among the underpaid soldiers from low-income communities to the heartbreak from a mother's wail of pain at the loss of her son when she's standing before the White House, the film moves audiences deeply. That's a sure sign of effective filmmaking.

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