Angels We Have Heard

Central City's The Tales of Hoffmann offers a sensuous feast.

Gerard Powers is a handsome Hoffmann, with a full, rich tenor -- beautiful on its own, exquisite when set against the voice of one of his leading ladies, and positively hair-raising when he sings with any of the opera's quartet of villains, all of them played by the resonant-chested and powerfully expressive baritone Grant Youngblood. Julie Anne Bartholomew sings sweetly in the trouser role of Nicklausse, and Javier Abreu animates a series of comic roles.

The evocative sets include a gleaming white operating room and Antonia's red-walled music room, in which everything is slightly tilted and off-center and where Dr. Miracle apparently emerges from an oversized doll's house.

Anna Christy and Gerard Powers with his 
"rose-colored glasses" in The Tales of 
Mark Kiryluk
Anna Christy and Gerard Powers with his "rose-colored glasses" in The Tales of Hoffmann.


Presented by Central City Opera in rotation with The Student Prince and Le Jongleur de Notre Dame through August 8, 303-292-6700,
Central City Opera House, Central City

The Tales of Hoffmann is enjoyable on many levels, and you really don't have to wear pearls or a suit to see it. There's no need to strain to follow the plot, which is more about feeling than logic, anyway. You can enjoy the humor, the ethos and the first-rate acting. Or you can just sit back and marvel at the ability of the human voice to produce such amazing sound. Angelic intervention really doesn't seem far-fetched.

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