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Telling Fantasies and Manor House Races. Interest in figural painter Irene Delka McCray's work has been on the upswing lately, making her new Pirate solo, Telling Fantasies, a hot prospect. There's no denying McCray's technical skill, which is one reason why she has work in the Denver Art Museum collection. Her older pieces -- like the one at the DAM -- are lyrical, but in recent years she's moved more toward a goth aesthetic. These new works address sex and death, and the resulting paintings are not pretty -- but they are pretty interesting. Also at Pirate is Manor House Races, featuring work by Julie Puma, who creates mixed-media pieces that combine photo imagery, printmaking, words and lots of scribbles. Her style owes a debt to pop art, which is all the rage right now. In addition, there are other attractions at the Pirate co-op and at HazMat, which is the new name for ILK @ Pirate. All of the shows open on Friday, June 25, with a reception set for 7 to 10 p.m. Through July 11 at Pirate: a contemporary art oasis, 3659 Navajo Street, 303-458-6058.

20th Anniversary Show -- Tony Ortega and Michael Brangoccio. In 1984, William Havu began art-business relationships with two painters, Tony Ortega and Michael Brangoccio, and all these years later, he still handles their work. To celebrate, he's put together the 20th Anniversary Show -- Tony Ortega and Michael Brangoccio at his eponymous gallery. The Ortegas, some of which are monumental, are signature examples of his style, but there are also some new elements. Using figural abstraction, Ortega conjures up the Latino community, both here and throughout the Americas, and in some, he incorporates found imagery. Brangoccio is a surrealist, assembling highly realistic renderings of animals -- especially birds that are caught in unlikely or even impossible situations. In addition to the Ortega/Brangoccio duet on the main floor, there's a solo, Michael Burrows. This artist's specialty is hyperrealism, and he creates photographically accurate landscapes using only graphite and paper. He also does equally detailed paintings in psychedelic colors. Through July 17 at the William Havu Gallery, 1040 Cherokee Street, 303-893-2360.

25th Anniversary Show. The Spark Gallery -- named for painter Margaret Neumann's pet dog, Sparky -- is the city's oldest co-op, pre-dating Pirate by a few months in 1979. Over the years, there have been some up times and some down ones, but Spark could always be counted on for experimental art. The 25th Anniversary Show is an all-members cavalcade, with plenty of crazy stuff being shown. And there's the unveiling of the gallery's new showroom in the old Fresh Art space, which Spark shares with Core, another of the old-time co-ops. Many of Spark's members are established artists, several of whom have built their reputations chiefly through their solos at the gallery. Among those participating in the show are the usual suspects, including Catherine Carilli, Susanna Cavalletti, Madeleine Dodge, Angela Larson, John Matlack, Jennifer Parisi, Jean Schiff, Annalee Schorr, Barbara Shark, Sue Simon, Barbara Carpenter, Elaine Ricklin, Patricia Aaron and Judith Cohn. Last but not least is brand-new celebrity member Roland Bernier. A reception is slated for Friday, July 9, from 6 to 9 p.m. Through July 31 at the Spark Gallery, 900 Santa Fe Drive, 303-455-4435.

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