Above It All

Summiting the highest penthouse in the Mile High City.

The place has been on the market since March. Todd says he's had a few serious inquiries, less than a dozen. The demand for $2.5 million penthouses in downtown Denver is admittedly limited, but 42D is not the only property in that stratosphere. Todd expects that, with time, the right buyer will find the crib of his dreams.

"You never know who it's going to be," he says. "It could be a corporate executive, or perhaps even a corporation that uses it as a residence for its people. Perhaps an athlete or an entertainer. You need to be capable of earning a lot of money."

Yes, you do. That's how you get to the penthouse, baby. Standing on the upper terrace, watching the little people going about their business in the streets 43 stories below, I do some quick calculations on the probable online value of two boxes of Silver Age Marvel comics in fair-to-grubby condition. Then I rejoin the team for the swift, terrible descent down the elevator shaft.

Two minutes later, I am back on the street.

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