But Seriously, Folks

Five local comics tell all.

I would have asked, "You just said in answer to question eight, that everyone who has ever met you thinks you're funny, and if they didn't it was their fault. Well, Matt, you haven't come across to me as funny at all. Is this really my fault?" That's what I would have said. And a question about advice for new comics, about what is the one thing they really need to know before getting into this business.

Name, age, day job:

Jake Sharon, 26, host at a local restaurant

How long have you been doing comedy?

I have been doing comedy about three years. I have been doing funny comedy for about a year and a half.

What was your best time on stage?

The best time, some chick came up on stage then jammed her tongue down my throat.


When I found out she was a man.

Largest audience you've performed in front of?

The largest audience I ever performed in front of was about 312 people -- no, wait, 313 people.

Favorite comedians:

Ellen DeGeneres, Eddie Izzard, Woody Allen.

What do you think of the Denver scene?

I say Denver is the best scene to be an up-and-coming comedian because we have a great A club, there are tons of open mikes, and most of the comedians are really supportive of each other.

Why do you do comedy?

I do comedy so I don't explode and become a serial killer. If I don't have a vent, I become a pent-up, angry-hyena person.

What question should I have asked you?

You should have asked me if I have a secret identity as a dark knight, crime-fighter superhero -- but you didn't. Too late, sucker! Now you'll never know.

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