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From the week of July 15, 2004

Name witheld on request

The 50 percent solution: I have never written in response to any news article of any kind. I want to add one more voice of thanks and one more to extoll the virtue of having this subject rise to prominence in our society, preferably without inappropriate sensationalism.

I have never been molested. My mother was raped and otherwise molested from a very young age by her father, and I was told the story of it at a very young age. I was personally exposed to molestation at that same age, when being baby-sat by some relatives, listening to my cousin being raped in the next room while I sat and watched the television. So the subject sits very deeply in me.

Whenever I have related these stories to other people, I have never once heard a person say "no way!"or voice any disbelief. Everyone knows. Of the people I talk to about it, approximately 50 percent tell me they have been molested or raped as a child. Never by some random person. Not always by men.

The rights and well-being of many groups of people have been fought over and are being fought over, and if there is one group that has a problem that should be intelligently and compassionately and loudly addressed, it is the millions of molested children. I would greatly appreciate it if you were to use whatever public visibility you possess to help bring this topic to the fore of discussion.

Dan Anderson
via the Internet

Sob story: I want to thank you for your courage in sharing this story with your readers. When I saw the picture of you when you were seven, I began to cry, right here at my desk at work.

I am not really sure why I am writing, as I would think you have gotten a plethora of e-mails of support and admiration. Nevertheless, I want to be added to the list of readers who think you would be a fantastic father. The way you chose to protect your parents demonstrates the love you have inside. A love that no bogeyman can tarnish. God bless.

John K. Briscoe
Alameda, California

Slow justice: It broke my heart to read your story. I'm sure your experience will help those who have had to deal with similar trauma from their childhoods. Hopefully they, too, will take the steps you took and realize they don't have to become molesters, either. I admire you for taking charge and writing this story. A pig like that deserved what he was about to get, but rest assured, he's dying a slow death now.


Feeling your pain: Previously, it was unfathomable for me to imagine what a person feels or thinks after having been molested as a child. I have been the ear and shoulder for a few friends, girlfriends and a sole family member who told me what happened to them as a children; I could only offer my support and my unwavering attention when they felt the need to tell someone.

I am writing this simply to thank David for having the courage to speak for himself and other victims, and also for providing insight about what a molestation victim feels for those who've never experienced such horror. It helps those of us who want to help in what ways we can to have a better understanding and, if possible, share a small part of the pain.

Bill Petersen
Nanjemoy, Maryland

God's pen: Thank you. I feel so much less alone having read "Stalking the Bogeyman." I admire David Holthouse's courage and strength.

My Bogeyman left me with a Bogeyman Jr. to raise, and there are times when I don't think I can live another minute on this earth. Thanks also for the Bible verse. I am not religious at all, but sometimes it seems that certain words strike me as though written by the very pen of God. I have never understood why I have had to live as the "punished" while the Bogeyman lives "free," and I always wished for retribution to be delivered by my own hands.

Las Vegas

The heal thing: David Holthouse, your story is amazing -- it's horrifying and heartbreaking to hear what happened to you. I hope that your healing continues. I hope this guy isn't lying and isn't still doing this. God bless you and others who have had this happen to them. I have a young son and the more I read about these things happening, it is my greatest fear that something like this might happen to him. My mind boggles that anyone can be such a monster.

Kurt Jones
via the Internet

The boy next door: I was molested by a neighbor boy from the age of five until I was nine. I lived next to his grandparents and every summer he came down for visits with them. I can vividly remember every detail of each incident; it happened about five times in the span of four years. Every day I think about him, wondering if I will ever see him again and what would I say. He did it to his own daughter a few years ago, and he is remarried now with a little boy, and his wife does not know about his history. I have never told anyone, especially my parents, for the same reason as David Holthouse -- they were great friends with his grandparents. I have not seen him since I was nine. A month ago, his grandparents contacted us to attend a "reunion" and said that Scott (the perp) would be there and would love to see everyone. I have never felt so sick to my stomach. I felt like killing someone.

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