Letters to the Editor

From the week of July 15, 2004

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate Sheehan's writing and good taste.

Araminta David

Free dumb's just another word: Having patronized L.D. Buffet at least ten times, I feel a responsibility to respond to Jason Sheehan's "Adventures in Eating," in the July 8 issue. I am dismayed with what I believe is an inaccurate portrayal of what is offered there.

No mention of the Mongolian barbeque -- fresh vegetables and meats, fresh mushrooms (both button and fresh shiitake), shrimp and little sirloin steaks cooked to order. You can choose exactly what you want yourself, as much as you want. The crab might have some yellow parts, but I have had quite a bit of crab there, and it is not as bad as Jason portrayed. L.D.'s has two types of crab, one steamed and one cold. The vegetables, Chinese green beans and Brussels sprouts are cooked just right, not overdone. The peel-and-eat shrimp is as fresh as I have had anywhere. The sushi is not the best quality, but it is fresh. You usually have to stand there and wait for them to make it, as it seems to be popular enough that they can't keep it on the serving trays.

I recommended L.D. to visiting gem dealers from China last September. They thanked me for the suggestion, said the food was good and the restaurant was clean, and recommended it to their friends. I can be very snobby about food. My wife's birthday was at Mizuna, New Year's Eve at Kevin Taylor's Jou Jou.

I think Jason was as unfair as he could be about L.D. for no good reason. Mean-spirited, because I think he could have been positive about what I know is okay there. As for him being in a coma after eating there, I think he went in there in a coma. I feel bad for how hard people work and, in the case of a restaurant, then they can be reviewed and have damage done to their business and they have no recourse through freedom (free dumb) of the press. Jason, have fun, but not at others' expense.

Richard Hart

Rock and dinner rolls: Jason Sheehan, you rock! You rock! You rock! You rock! I love all of your reviews, but the June 24 "Bland of Enchantment" was definitely my favorite so far. Thanks for the great work.

Jenny Honeycutt

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