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Burn, baby, burn

Two years later, after Tancredo was elected to a third term, he shifted to his biggest office yet, and when he asked that it be repainted and trimmed with patriotic wallpaper, the building's staff immediately granted his wish. He says he suspects that "they looked at their list and said, 'Oh, it's that ding-a-ling. We'd better do what he wants, because if we don't, he'll start painting it, it'll look like crap, and we'll have to paint it all over again anyway.'"

Mr. Fix-It strikes again.

Pink ladies: A handful of Park Hill political activists want to know the answer to a burning question. Is George Junior more the plunging-neckline or lace-collared nightgown type?

The residents of the 2300 block of Clermont Street are offering both, displaying a variety of frothy pink peignoirs on the bushes in front of their homes in a sassy word-play effort to give Bush the pink slip.

Susan Neirmeyer started the spaghetti-strap brigade after getting the idea from CodePink, a worldwide women's initiative for peace. But other than including CodePink's website on the "Pink Slip Stops Bush" signs accompanying the Semi-Annual Sale-worthy landscapes, her group is otherwise unaffiliated with the larger-scale operation. "I just wanted to do something to start a conversation about the importance of voting in the fall," Neirmeyer says. "My major concerns are that we have chosen the wrong course to solve international problems."

One of Neirmeyer's biggest supporters is John Marrock, an 83-year-old staunch Republican who served in Great Britain's Royal Navy for 32 years and fought in World War II. "Bush is not a Republican by my standards," Marrock says. "He's a war criminal, a bully and a liar."

But because he feels that slips are "essentially for ladies," he has refrained from displaying the hand-dyed thrift-store finds on his bushes. Instead, he's heading up distribution. He's already found homes for two slips and is working his way down the block. In fact, one of his first recipients "found her own pink slip," he says, and returned the original garment, which is now "waiting to get dished up" to someone else. "Every protest from honest protesters make a difference," Marrock says. "Therefore, the pink slips of the ladies of this district make a difference."

They already made a big difference at the annual Park Hill Garden Tour last month, where Marrock says he "noted with interest that people took pictures of the pink slips rather than the flowers."

Scene and herd: The good doctor himself, Hunter S. Thompson, was spotted sitting in one of the red Naugahyde booths of a Village Inn in Aurora last week, balancing his checkbook after having written a $47,000 check for his own birthday present: a brand new Mazda RX8 from Gateway Mazda. He explained that he'd tried to perform the mundane activity at another mundane coffee joint, but they'd kicked him out for brandishing a machete at a waitress....

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