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Skateboarders bring new views to print

General admission to the show is $15 (arrive early, Isler says); a limited number of spots for the 7 p.m. dinner, as well as reserved tables, are available. For more information on the Diamond's anniversary week, call 303-571-4242. -- Adam Cayton-Holland

Canvassing Talent
Wynkoop hangs newcomer's art
THURS, 7/22

Former gallery owner Joshua Hassel, who helped pioneer the original LoDo gallery district, has seen a lot of art in his time. But that doesn't mean he's no longer moved by what he sees. As ongoing curator for casual shows at the Wynkoop Brewing Co., he's kept a sharp focus on emerging artists who lack formal gallery representation -- artists such as Jason Arnold, a previously undiscovered painter he met by chance while Arnold was showing his portfolio to fellow art entrepreneur Jim Robischon. Arnold, a 25-year-old Greeley native now living and painting in a small downtown Denver loft, proved to be just what Hassel was looking for: a raw, unstudied talent. He's had no art schooling, yet he paints close-up portraits of young women's faces on two-by-three-foot canvases, sometimes using models, sometimes not, but always blending fact, fantasy and a good shot of imagination. As a body of work, their impact is significant, if "not quite ready for prime time," Hassel says.

Dita Von Teese is ready to please, barely.
Dita Von Teese is ready to please, barely.
Jason Arnold, one of the new faces on the art scene, 
hangs at Wynkoop.
Jason Arnold, one of the new faces on the art scene, hangs at Wynkoop.

"Jason really meets the criteria of what we try to do at the Wynkoop," he adds, and that's more than good enough. Arnold's works go on display at the brewpub, 1634 18th Street, tonight during a reception from 7 to 9 p.m.; the show continues through September 19. For more information, call 303-297-2700. -- Susan Froyd

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