Diesel Power

Dieselboy brings role-playing strategy into the drum-and-bass arena.

The accolades did not end there. At the 1998 Global DJ Mix Awards, Diesel was the first US DJ to be nominated and win the award for best drum-and-bass DJ. Among many other firsts, he became one of the first American DJs to perform at London's much-esteemed Fabric club; the first Yank to have a track played at the legendary Metalheadz night in London; and he was the first drum-and-bass artist to ever have a single chart on Billboard's dance charts. Not too bad for a former role-playing geek.

Being involved with any music scene for so long would seem to take a toll on anyone; but Dieselboy has managed to remain as enthusiastic about it as he was when he was passing out those first mix tapes, way back when.

"You obviously can get burnt out on anything after doing it for so long," he admits. "If you eat turkey sandwiches every day for a week, you get tired of them. I try to not to listen to drum-and-bass at all when I'm not out playing. That way, when I'm playing and I hear it, I'm still as affected by it as I ever was.

Boy's life: Damian Higgins is Dieselboy.
Boy's life: Damian Higgins is Dieselboy.


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"I still love this music as much as I used to," he adds. "I love music, and I will always love drum-and-bass. Some of the attitudes in the scene I may not like, but I will always love drum-and-bass.

Sounds like a role Dieselboy was born to play.

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