Law and Order

Denver's DA candidates take a seat in the docket.

McCann has Neptune in the twelfth house. This can help her intuit what the collective mind is thinking and feeling, but it can also lead to confusion about her own personal agenda. It's easy for other people to put ideas into McCann's head. People with Neptune in the twelfth do best if they have a way to clear their space on a regular basis.

With Saturn in Virgo, McCann is truly in it to be of service. Virgo is known for its humility and desire to make things better. This is the part of McCann that may not actually enjoy being in the spotlight but feels it necessary to reach other, more important goals.

Mitch Morrissey, 46, born in Denver, Colorado

Mitch is a Sagittarius, which is a freedom-loving fire sign. Adventure is important to the Sagittarian, so Morrissey needs a battle to fight or a cause to align with. His interests are most likely varied, which can lead to chaos. He is more of an optimist than a pessimist, and he will keep trying even when the situation looks futile.

With an Aquarian moon, this candidate may seem socially and emotionally awkward at times. He filters his feelings through his mind and decides what to feel based on what he thinks is appropriate, so it may be difficult for the voter to feel warmth coming from him. On a positive note, the moon in Aquarius leads to a lot of progressive thinking and a desire to plan for the future. With Venus in Capricorn, Morrissey is not afraid of hard work. He has a lot of patience and endurance and can stick with something until it is done to his satisfaction. There is a lot of ambition here, and a lot of willingness to wait for the right time. People tend to lean on this candidate for support -- professionally and personally.

Mars in Scorpio can lead to a lot of passionate energy. In the Dark Ages, all the soldiers with this planetary placement would be put on the front lines of the battlefield, because Mars in Scorpio is bloodthirsty! In other words, you don't want to get in this guy's way when he feels strongly about something. He will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to remove the opposition.

Jupiter in Libra helps to lighten up this character a lot. He is charming, attractive and attentive when meeting new people. There is an ease and a grace about the way he carries himself. The Libran charm will help him smooth over any awkward moments that come about as a result of some of the more challenging planetary energies.

John Walsh, 43, born in New York, New York

John is a Gemini, and that means being curious about everything. This is a candidate who will research something until he's practically an expert. Gemini is a sign known for quick thinking and adaptability. Following through is tough for Geminis because they are always on to the next exciting project. This candidate probably has a lot of connections and can make friends with everyone from the president of a large corporation to the night janitor at his office.

Walsh's Scorpio moon will help him stay committed to projects that take a long time to resolve, but it also makes him appear a bit mysterious. He doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve, and you'd have to get to know him pretty well to see what's really going on with him. Walsh's privacy is very important to him, and he wouldn't sacrifice it for anything. He's probably surrounded by people he trusts that have known him for a long time. Scorpio moon people need to be told the truth no matter how painful it might be.

With Venus in Aries, he can be aggressive without seeming so. His pursuit of a goal can look playful and diplomatic from afar, but when you get a closer look, you'll see the ambition rippling under the surface. He is sensitive to women's issues and may have more than one powerful woman in his life helping him reach great heights.

Walsh has a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Leo. This means that the two planets were in alignment the night John was born. Mars is the planet of war and action, and Uranus represents alternative ideas and new ways of doing things. This combination makes him creative and at times impulsive. He is willing to take risks to find solutions. With the two planets in Leo, he needs to be validated and praised for his contributions. The Mars/Uranus conjunction reinforces his Gemini energy, making it extra-challenging to stay grounded and committed to one course of action.

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