Roll Call

Colorado's Senate wannabes vote from the heart and gut.

With Mars in Pisces, Miles is very tuned in to suffering and injustice. This kind of sensitivity is a good thing to have in the rough-and-tumble world of politics. Having said that, it may be a challenge to be so sensitive in such a competitive arena.

Saturn and Pluto are in a very tense aspect in Mike’s chart. He has encountered many power struggles and may be the poster child for the slogan “question authority.” He has probably had to learn how to respect some of the leaders and bosses he’s worked for. A part of him is always aware of how the situation could be improved, and he may have to work hard to find a diplomatic way to suggest changes he feels are important.

With Venus and Uranus in alignment, this candidate will be attracted to radical ideas. He likes to experiment and is not afraid to try a new approach. He has a great ability to adapt to changing circumstances, which brings out a lot of creativity when it’s needed the most. With Venus and Uranus in Leo, this candidate enjoys being perceived as different and unique. He is not afraid to make a statement, even if it makes him temporarily unpopular.

Ken Salazar, 49, born in Alamosa, Colorado

Salazar is a Pisces, and as such, he will always be sensitive to those less fortunate. He has a lot of compassion and will take his constituents’ concerns to heart. He may have a tendency to identify with the underdog and will have difficulty experiencing affinity with the power elite.

Salazar’s Gemini moon makes him very open-minded and curious about everything and anything. This can lead to chaos, but it will also give him the ability to see the issues from many different angles. He is a great communicator and will welcome everyone’s opinions. There is a lot of flexibility in this moon sign.

Having said that, with Mars in Taurus, Salazar knows when to dig in his heels and hold steady. Taurus energy is known for its stubbornness. He will not be afraid to stand up and make a point — even if it’s not the popular choice. Taurus energy is also very earthy, so there will be a lot of practical reasoning behind his decisions.

This candidate is devoted to his family and will work hard to see them prosper. With Venus in Capricorn, he probably started working at a young age to help support his family. He is not afraid to get involved in projects that will take a long time to come to fruition. This man is patient and willing to make sacrifices to make his dreams come true. Salazar probably has rather traditional values when it comes to home and hearth.

With Jupiter and Uranus both in Cancer, Salazar has been influenced by many dynamic, unusual women. His mother must have been a very interesting person. (Cancer rules over mothers.) He is sensitive to women’s issues and has reverence toward feminine energy. These two planets also give him a great deal of creativity, helping him come up with radical solutions seemingly out of nowhere. The combination of Pisces and Cancer in his chart give him a big, generous heart. He probably tries to hide his sensitivity in order to participate in politics. Underneath it all, he cares a lot, though the average person will have a hard time seeing his depth. You’d have to get to know him personally to see how deep the still waters run.

Bob Schaffer, 42, born in Cincinnati, Ohio

Bob is a Leo. He may have had a difficult relationship with his father, as most Leos do. Getting approval was impossible while growing up, which can make a person slightly unsure of themselves in adult life. This is reinforced by Saturn, which opposes his Sun in Leo. Someone with this chart may have had a childhood filled with sacrifices and responsibility. The positive aspect of the Leo energy is the ability to command an audience. He will do best in front of groups that share his values. It’s harder to convert those who stand in opposition to him, as it may resonate with the early parental disapproval he experienced.

Bob also has a Venus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo. He is not afraid of hard work, and he is also not afraid of doing the less glamorous parts of any given job. He can see how to make things better and will apply himself until he creates the changes he feels passionate about. There are some strong, focused women in this man’s life. They will definitely be behind the scenes, but exerting a powerful influence over him and his policies.

This candidate knows how to create prosperity on a personal level and may be able to use this ability for his constituents. He has a great sense of business and finance, which shows up in Jupiter opposing his Pluto. With an opposition, it’s clear that he has struggled at times and knows how it feels to have less. He has also learned how to turn it around and create more abundance. With Jupiter in the sign of Pisces, religion and spirituality bring comfort to him when all else fails. He may identify strongly with Christianity or “Christian values,” which is pretty much open to interpretation these days.

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