Weapons of Mass Distraction

For Yaller Dawg, it's the Moore the merrier.

It contains more than enough truths to get people thinking -- and thinking about why they, too, can't vote for George Bush.

Raise a glass.


The Right Stuff

Governor Bill Owens pulled some tough duty at the end of July.

On Monday, July 26, he was slated for the first team of the Republican Party's truth squad, joining other top GOPs to deliver the right's response to opening-day activities at the Democratic National Convention. And since Owens is a baseball fan, he couldn't go to Boston without stopping by Fenway Park, where the Red Sox were facing off against the Yankees in a rare Sunday-night game -- and John Kerry just happened to be throwing out the first pitch.

But before that, Owens was saddled with representing Colorado in the Cheyenne Frontier Days parade on July 24, which was billed as "Colorado Day."

In a schedule that included everything from horses to horsing around with donkeys, what did Colorado's governor find the most challenging?

Certainly not his truth-squad stint, reports Dan Hopkins, Owens's spokesman. Responding to the Democrats was a cinch. And it didn't turn out to be that tough to snag a seat at the ballgame, or to crash a party full of Democrats, where the governor wrangled a beer and a hot dog.

No, handling the horse was Owens's biggest challenge, despite the fact that the governor is Texas-born and -bred. The ride provided by the parade folk wasn't "parade broken" -- this was his first rodeo, as they say -- and also had an earache. So every time there was a loud noise or gunshot (hardly a rarity in Cheyenne), he reared up like a Democratic legislator hearing about a new Pledge of Allegiance proposal. But at least Owens had fair warning: The horse's name was Terminator.

He'll be back.

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