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Poetry and Stone. Cab Childress, architect emeritus at the University of Denver, has been contributing to Colorado's and neighboring states' built environments for the past fifty years. Poetry and Stone: Cab Childress Architect at DU's Victoria H. Myhren Gallery surveys his impressive career with drawings, photos, models and other artifacts that illustrate his unique vision. In the late 1950s, when Childress was right out of architecture school, he was a modernist. Gradually, as early as the '70s, he came to embrace post-modernism. His best-known works are those on the DU campus, making it the perfect setting for this handsome retrospective. Childress designed many of the buildings constructed at the school during the last ten years or so, either alone or in concert with other firms. These include the controversial Daniel L. Ritchie Sports and Wellness Center, as well as Olin Hall, Daniels College of Business and the Newman Center for the Performing Arts. Together, they have completely remade the look of the campus. Through August 27 at the Victoria H. Myhren Gallery, Shwayder Art Building, 2121 East Asbury Avenue, 303-871-2846. Reviewed August 5.

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