Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 26, 2004

The strangest thing about the letters in response to Sheehan's piece is that no one, Sheehan included, seems to have noticed that the restaurant is not, as he writes, "sitting right there in the middle of the Pearl Street Mall."

Not only is it not in the middle of the Mall, it's not on the Mall at all.

Earl Noe

Life Is Buddhaful

In center field: Regarding Laura Bond's "Across the Buddhaverse," in the July 29 issue:

I want to thank Laura Bond for such a sweet and moving summary of the Shambhala Mountain Center's history, replete with rich detail of what it is like today. I was moved to tears more than once by the beauty and poignancy of the language Laura Bond used to capture the atmosphere there. Keep up the great work!

Will Van Derveer

Wait watchers: Nice article. But Laura, you don't have to wait several hundred lifetimes. Try asking yourself "Who am I?" wherever you are when the thoughts crowd in during the day (or night).

James Francis Kettering

It's Geek to Us

Programmed for boredom: Let's talk turkey regarding Dave Herrera's August 12 Beatdown. I am a producer/artist here in Colorado notoriously known for my musical composition skills.

I have been to other states, listened to the radio and heard their disc jockeys support and play their local talent. Colorado's 107.5 is a joke, from the DJs to the program director. I had a friend who used to work for another radio station, and he could not play anything but what the program director allowed. Get these people out of here.

A DJ does not need a program director, and if he/she does, they do not need to be on the air. Most of these program directors are geeks or nerds with no idea about music except for MTV or the local rave. Hip-hop came from the streets! White, black, it doesn't matter, because they will all tell you the same. Ethnically speaking, urban means black! So if 107.5 is an "urban" radio station, why are the black DJs a minority and a bunch of wannabes are the majority? I bet you money that not one of their DJs has seen the five boroughs of New York, been to any of the wards in Texas or stepped a foot on the Compton blocks of California.

Someone needs to have the balls to run Jefferson Pilot out of town. Why do we only have one hip-hop station, numerous country stations, a growing number of salsa stations on the rise and talk-radio stations? The best thing hip-hop ever had going was the KDKO years before Dr. Daddy-O, and even he sold us out for the cash. What happened to unity in the community? There ain't none. Why does SWAT have to show up after the Let Out of Club Purple? I have never seen them show up at Rock Island.

Where will hip-hop end up in Colorado if we cater to ignorance and follow commercial markets? We are truly lost.

Phillip "800 the Jewell" Embry

The white stuff: Dave Herrera misses the point about the vicious LoDo assaults of June 13 and a similar attack that occurred one week earlier when he tries to morph the attacks into a hip-hop issue.

The real issue is that the assaults by a dozen black men who videotaped themselves beating up innocent people are about black-on-white crime. Also of major concern is how Denver's so-called mainstream news media and city officials have caused a virtual blackout about these attacks. More than sixty days have passed since the assaults, and even though the police have identified at least five of the suspects, not one has been arrested. That's incredible!

European-American civil-rights activists, including the European-American Issues Forum, have demanded -- without success to date -- that Denver's mayor, city council and DA take steps to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of these outrageous acts to the fullest extent of the law. European-Americans are victims of hate crimes in the United States, according to Department of Justice statistics. Attempts to trivialize the seriousness of Denver's LoDo attacks, or to twist the facts to claim white racism against black hip-hop music, is behind any efforts to report on the attacks, and an insult to the victims and Americans who believe in social justice for all.

Louis Calabro, president
European/American Issues Forum
San Bruno, California

Dave Herrera replies: You missed the point, Louis. In the August 12 Beatdown, I said that "ignorant, immature people do stupid shit, regardless of what music they're listening to," and that pretty much summed things up. Judging from your letter, though, I should have noted that stupid people come in all colors and are equal-opportunity haters.

And speaking of things I should have done: In last week's Beatdown, I said All Star Entertainment was the crew behind Bash's new night. Magic City is actually the work of Bash Entertainment, in association with Pleazure Entertainment; Johnny Fantastic is not a part of either group. My apologies to all.

Music to Their Ears

Crazy like a Fox: Thanks for David Holthouse's article on DJ Fox ("Old Chicago," August 5). I've been a fan for years, and I'm glad he's finally getting the recognition he deserves.

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