Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 26, 2004

Brook Bollinger

Core values: Thanks for Jason Heller's review of Loadstone in the August 12 Playlist. I recorded the album, and I really think that these guys deserve to be noticed. Heller's a good reviewer who knows his stuff. I don't think most people get where Core of the Earth is coming from.

Jamie Hillyer

Kittie litter: Regarding Rick Skidmore's piece on Kittie in the August 12 Now Hear This:

Kittie rules! Their vocalist has really great power in higher ranges, a trait desired by a lot of bands these days. They sell out shows most all the time and made it to the pinnacle point of hosting MTV's Headbangers Ball recently. A lot of rockers look down on them, but all considered and given their ages, they really rock!

Eddy LaBarr

Panic attack: Excellent work in the August 12 Playlist by Nick Hutchinson and his descriptive dialogue on Widespread Panic. Putting it into words is an art form, and I enjoyed his perspective! Keep up the great work, take good care, and, of course, peace.

Heather Cosby
Brevard, North Carolina

Flaming the fans: Regarding Jason Heller's review of the Fiery Furnaces in the July 29 Playlist:

Jason Heller is a retard! The Furnaces rock!

Zach Heathwaite
Manchester, New Hampshire

Rack and ruin: I strongly disagree with the review in the July 22 Playlist. This record is a must if you are a 311 collector like myself. I know Graham Webster is entitled to his opinion, but please don't let him put down the band by saying that you can find them on the dollar rack at the used-CD store or something! 311 is the best band of all time!

Dan Regan
via the Internet

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