Letters to the Editor

From the week of September 2, 2004

Don't even get me started on Fox media. But once again, big up for setting the record straight -- even if it was just to readers of Westword. The real local hip-hop scene would thank you collectively, but I guess we are too busy stealing cars, robbing old ladies at ATMs and shooting people between verses.

Selecta Roswell

No Strings Attached

Voices carry: I am writing as a supporter of the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network. I read Michael Roberts's profile on Jared Polis, "Young Blood," in the August 19 issue. In that article, he indicated that he thought Jared is pulling RMPN's strings. As one of the co-founders of RMPN, let me share that my interest in no way stemmed from Jared Polis.

I have known Jared since 1995, and, when I first heard about the idea of RMPN from J.B. Holston, I suggested that he get a number of people involved in the founding group, including Jared. Given RMPN's original vision, I anticipated (correctly) that Jared would be interested in both participating in and supporting RMPN. Both Jared and I participated -- with a number of others -- in the initial funding for RMPN. While Jared is someone who invests in what he believes in, so am I, as are the others who contributed both time and money to help get RMPN off the ground.

My understanding is that RMPN is now the largest grassroots progressive organization in Colorado, with over 5,000 people signed up for its weekly updates. RMPN has expanded the number of its advisors to over 200 people; Jared and I are two of them. While all advisors -- including me and Jared -- have an impact on RMPN, it's extremely overreaching to insinuate that Jared or any one member, for that matter, is pulling RMPN's strings.

I'm very proud of what RMPN has accomplished to date and hope that it's a long-term contributor to political advocacy and debate in Colorado for a long time to come. Free speech is one of the exciting things about our country -- and I think it's great that we finally have an unapologetic progressive voice in Colorado.

Brad Feld
Eldorado Springs

Better Late Than Never

Exit, stage right: Why would your esteemed publication run a theater review for a play that ends three days after copies hit the streets? Reading Juliet Wittman's "Industrial Strength" review in the August 19 issue, I felt shortchanged.

Adam Wasilik

Editor's note: If a play opens on a Friday and runs only through the following weekend -- as did Industrial Arts Theater Company's production of The Weir last month -- we don't have much choice. We either review the play in the issue that comes out six days after it opened, when only a few performances remain, or we don't review the play at all.

Send Out the Clowns

Soft duty: In response to the August 5 Off Limits, here's how to settle that U.S. Senate race between Pete Coors and Ken Salazar:

Pete, stay at your brewery in Golden where you make that swill called beer. Ken, you are supposed to be Colorado's attorney general; get back to your desk and soft pillow.

Neither one of you clowns would make a pimple on a real senator's backside. Get a life. I wouldn't vote for either of you clowns. You're both a joke.

Frank V. Sandoval

Sweet Dreams

The land of Oz: "Matli Crew," Eryc Eyl's review of Ozomatli in the August 26 issue, was excellently done. This band was just in town at B.B. King's, and I am sorry to have missed them after reading Eyl's piece. I will pick up some of their stuff. Sweet work.

Royden Mills
New York, New York

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