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Revolution Rockfest '04

Does Mark Udall rock? Unless he's been hiding a secret AC/DC fetish from his constituents, it's doubtful. Nonetheless, the Democratic congressman from Boulder is scheduled to be on hand for Revolution Rockfest '04, a multi-act fundraiser on Thursday, September 16, at the Gothic Theatre. Sponsored by Wake Up Colorado, which describes itself on its website ( as "a non-profit small donor committee dedicated to making a big difference in the November election," the event showcases an eclectic lineup. Singer-songwriter Wendy Woo and fortywatt (pictured), a Boulder quartet with a debut CD due next month, top a bill that also features speaker Jeff Campbell, who heads the Colorado Hip-Hop coalition, the Freak Street Project and the vividly monikered White Girl Lust. The gig isn't exactly non-partisan; the goal of organizers is to "rock the Right right out of office." Then again, even conservatives might welcome the opportunity to see a liberal lawmaker share the stage with White Girl Lust. Alert the tabloids.
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