The Fu, the Proud

For Fu Manchu, rocking is the highest calling.

The current popularity of all things automotive plays to Fu Manchu's strengths, but Hill can hardly be accused of cashing in on the trend. He's always stuck to his guns, even at times when such weaponry was out of style. "Back when a lot of that nü-metal stuff was happening, we toured with the Deftones on their first record, and Limp Bizkit opened the shows, before anybody had heard of them," he says. "At first the kids who came wanted no part of us. We just got some kind of confused looks. But because it was upbeat, aggressive stuff and it was loud, I think they wound up kind of digging it."

With nü-metal on the wane, the pendulum is swinging back in Fu Manchu's direction -- not that Hill's noticed. "I don't really know what the heck the mainstream does," he says. "I don't really listen to mainstream radio or watch mainstream TV or mainstream videos. We just do what we do, and it seems that every record and tour there are more people coming to shows and more people getting into it. I mean, we've never really had a bad tour, or a bad time with a record. Whenever it's like that, that's when we stop.

Rock this way: Scott Reeder (from left), Scott Hill, Bob 
Balch and Brad Davis are Fu Manchu.
Rock this way: Scott Reeder (from left), Scott Hill, Bob Balch and Brad Davis are Fu Manchu.


With Rolling Blackouts, 9 p.m. Thursday, September 23, Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer Street, $10, 303-291-1007

"I don't care what other people around us are doing," he adds. "If our stuff isn't happening right then, who cares? We're doing it anyway."

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