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Hole-Some Art
Mini-golf has never looked so good
FRI, 10/1

Christopher Smith
Mini-golf is only one reason to hang at Zip 37 Gallery.
Mini-golf is only one reason to hang at Zip 37 Gallery.

The operators of Zip 37 Gallery have decided to build a mini-golf course right in their back yard. The unique design and graphics were produced by four local artists who were willing to be playful. One of the four holes features a 24-foot-long ramp that leads into the mouth of a huge, wooden, green-faced monster with pointy yellow, orange and blue hair. Other challenges include getting a ball through multiple blue and red arches or past a miniature wooden house with a painting of a girl on the side. "I wanted to include art in a challenging but fun golf course," says Jerry Simpson, engineer/creator of the monster-head hole. Regardless of how colorful the course becomes, Zip 37 is still an art gallery. Tonight is the opening for Seven Clay Women, an exhibit that presents the individual sculptures of seven local artists and their collaboration piece in celebration of the female spirit. Zip 37, 3644 Navajo Street, is looking to score a hole-in-one with visitors by offering free admission to both the show and the golf. For information, call 303-477-4525. -- Richard Kellerhals

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