Scratching the Surface

J. Majik

Before he even sprouted facial hair, J. Majik (aka Jamie Spratling) was already turning heads -- Metalheadz, that is -- in the dance world. In the early '90s, "6 Million Ways to Die," a monster anthem of the hard-core techno scene that he produced under the name DJ Dextrous, caught the ear of Goldie and the Metalheadz crew. As a result, the DJ soon became the youngest member of the infamous collective and found himself deejaying all across Britain and Europe -- all while still in school. And as hard-core techno evolved into jungle, Majik was at the forefront, producing tracks like 1994's "Your Sound," which helped define the scene. Since becoming a charter member of the Metalheadz crew, J. Majik has established one of the more commercially successful drum-and-bass labels across the pond. Infra Red Recordings has released a string of highly regarded releases, including works from Majik and Goldie, as well as material from other drum-and-bass icons like Total Science and Photek. In 2002, Adam F (who's recently been producing tracks for LL Cool J) and Majik collaborated on the hugely successful "Metrosound" single, which led to a rigorous touring schedule that has the DJ headlining clubs from NYC to Tokyo, regularly. Catch J. Majik this Thursday, October 7, at the Church.
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