Cutting-Edge Comedy

Buntport's Kafka on Ice slices up the melancholy author's life.

I have a couple of quibbles. Every now and then, the script is repetitive. Culig is a good actor, but he has an endearing, vulnerable quality that doesn't feel quite right for Kafka. Brian Colonna's Max Brod is pinch-faced, squeaky-voiced and very amusing, but too much of a caricature -- both as performed and as conceived. The real Max Brod was far more than a leech who took advantage of Kafka's fame; he was also the author's longtime friend and loyal advocate. But all six actors do well. Erik Edborg has to stifle his insanely anarchic instincts to play Kafka's heavy-handed father, and it works. Evan Weissman's turn as the charlady (in a uniform that's pure French maid) is a hoot, as is Hannah Duggan's determined yet perplexed expression every time she skates across the stage with a flour sack in her mouth (don't ask). As for Erin Rollman, I don't have words to describe her performance. She's a brilliant comic universe unto herself.

Erin Rollman and Gary Culig in Kafka on Ice.
SamAnTha Schmitz
Erin Rollman and Gary Culig in Kafka on Ice.


Presented by Buntport Theater through November 27, alternating with Macblank, 720-946-1388,
717 Lipan Street

All of which explains the crowd in the lobby. It's safe to say that no one else -- anywhere -- is doing theater like this.

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