The Beatdown

Carolyn's Mother bids a fond farewell.

Don't feel bad for those newbies, though: Both are veterans of the scene and should be just fine. Bassist Miles Marlin has a steady gig with Eric Shively, and drummer Chris Reidy also plays guitar in Judge Roughneck and keeps time for the Last Seen.

As for Hodgson, he'll have his hands full: He and his wife are expecting a baby next month. According to Lee, Hodgson hasn't decided if he'll start a new band, "but he definitely will be involved in music somehow. He's talking about doing some producing, production and some management. And he just produced the Last Seen's new EP."

For his part, Lee's already put together a new outfit, Ten Cent Redemption, and he and his new bandmates -- Bill Thomason (Carolyn's original drummer), bassist Tony Burke and guitarist Johnny Loew -- are already writing songs they hope to debut in January.

Back in June, I wrote that some bands "read the writing on the wall, acknowledge their fate and bow out gracefully." Little did I know that Carolyn's Mother would soon do just that.

Upbeats and beatdowns: On Monday, October 18, KRS-One will stop by the Soiled Dove to help bid adieu to You Night!; after a fine attempt to bring the boom bap to LoDo, the night is going the way of the dodo after this performance. Then on Tuesday, October 19, DJ Chris Irvin will host a night dubbed "Dekumpreshun Drinking Session" at Mario's Double Daughter's Salotto to bring together past and present "Burners" -- the die-hard enthusiasts who trek to the Black Rock desert in Nevada every summer for the annual Burning Man festival -- and give them a chance to share their pictures, er, "playa memories." Irvin will be joined by guest DJs Schmid-e, Smark A. Myth, Milkman and Narly Carly, who will spin sets of ambient, trip-hop, down-tempo and deep house all night.

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