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Do you know what's in your luggage?

Frontier spokesman Joe Hodas acknowledges that customer theft claims are on the rise, but he argues that it's not the fault of the airlines. "People have this perception that they're flying Frontier, and therefore Frontier stole it, but we have no reason to enter the bags. We just put them on the planes. It's TSA that opens the bags. The best advice we have for passengers is, don't put anything in your bag you don't want stolen."

DIA spokesman Chuck Cannon says he's not sure who is at fault for the increased number of theft complaints, but it's definitely not the airport administration. "That's an issue for the airlines and TSA. We don't do luggage. It's the airline personnel and TSA personnel who touch your bags. We don't touch your bags."

Like most airlines, Frontier does not reimburse customers for lost or stolen electronic equipment, including laptop computers, according to Rule 230F9 of the airline's Contract of Carriage. Stark received a copy of Rule 230F9 attached to an October 8 letter from Bobbi Murray, Frontier's manager of baggage services. Murray's letter thanked Stark for his cooperation and patience, informed him that after a thorough search, Frontier had been unable to find his laptop, and referred him to an enclosed check for $90.90, a "full and final settlement of your claim."

Stark wonders what calculator his claim went through to come up with that amount. Why the ninety cents? "I think Frontier should have either completely rejected my claim or settled for a reasonable replacement cost," he says.

Frontier spokesman Hodas points out that of all the bags Frontier has handled so far this year, "only .000042 percent" resulted in theft claims. Stark says that's probably a higher percentage than his chances of ever seeing his partner's laptop again.

"I'm an engineer, and I like to calculate odds. I play the lottery, and I'd say it's more likely I'll hit the Powerball this week than get that computer back. At this point I'd settle for a straight answer on where it went."

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