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The garbage will start glowing tonight and flicker through January 2. Call the Belmar visitor center at 303-742-1520 or visit Totally tree-rific! -- Kity Ironton

Denver's Tribute
World AIDS Day honors victims
WED, 12/1

Rob Ullman
Belmar's Christmas trees are getting green from 
Belmar's Christmas trees are getting green from recycling.

It's isn't a celebration, exactly. But World AIDS Day is a global event that honors the millions who've succumbed to the disease -- and raises awareness about the sustained threat it poses to new generations at home and abroad. In Colorado, that message needs to get through. Since the late '80s, AIDS has claimed more than 5,000 people in our state, and the disease remains a leading killer of people of color. Women, in particular, have seen their rates of HIV infection surge over the last decade. Today, Denver will mark the day with a candlelight vigil in City Park. At sundown, observers will be arranged to form the word "One" -- which symbolizes both the need to recognize AIDS as one disease and the power of individuals to fight it. The public is encouraged to participate in the event as a welcome show of unity in divisive times. For more information, call the Colorado AIDS Project at 303-837-0166. -- Laura Bond

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