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From the week of November 25, 2005

People may think that prostitution is a misdemeanor or a victimless crime. And sure, prostitution might not be high on law-enforcement's priority list -- but when there are children involved, it becomes a priority! I have seen firsthand how one woman's choice to prostitute destroyed a family, and how dedicated the police and social services become in protecting these children. In retort to Veronika's statement, "Am I harming anyone? No," I want her to step into my world, look into the eyes of a beautiful little seven-year-old boy and explain to him why his mom chose prostitution over him. Near to losing her son, she vows that she is out of the biz, then shows up at the Halloween party eight days later in a see-through dress. It is sad!

After reading this article, girls may well think, This is the lifestyle for me -- easy money and the attention I so desperately need. These lost girls are also the victims, "turned out" by people like Veronika Lake and wealthy older men filling their empty hearts with money, glamour (or so they think) and instant gratification. Fines for prostitution are small compared to what a girl can make daily. The only real drags are the criminal record and the risk of disease, but who cares? After all, you are only thinking about today and not tomorrow...for tomorrow is when you will realize that your bodies and souls are limited resources.

Kim Anderson
via the Internet

Board games: The Bada Bing article, while interesting, had several errors, as well as a couple of glaring omissions.

First, the Halloween Party was not sponsored by the Other Board. This was easy to find out for anyone willing to do actual research by reading the board. TOB organizes nothing other than a discussion board where like-minded adults meet. The party was mainly the work of one lady and one gent who have no connection to the board other than using it -- as all are free to do.

Second, the fee is $20 a month, not per day -- a fact that is clearly stated on the separate ad board for anyone willing to do actual journalistic research.

Third, nobody dubbed me anything. I chose my Internet name months before I started handing out my distinct calling cards. Again, this is easily verifiable by the e-mail addy I include with all the posts under that name for anyone willing to do the research rather than passing along gossip as fact.

As for omissions, when talking about the money to be made in the adult service industry, I notice you didn't include how much Westword makes from the five full pages of ads of adult-service providers -- seven and a half pages, if you count the phone-sex ads. Also, how about the origins of the story? Did the author approach Veronika about doing a story, or the other way around? Did he pretend to be her friend, wanting to hang out and party with her, all the while knowing he was going to stab her in the back?

Ours is a very large, diverse and interesting community that didn't even exist as a community before the Internet. It is a story that should be told without compromising identities, destroying the reputations of individuals and businesses, or printing gossip as fact. You do your profession wrong using such poor reporting methods, all to print a cheap-thrills story instead of searching a little deeper for the real story.

R. W. Shannon, aka Crazy Horse

David Holthouse replies: Ashley may have sponsored the party, but it was promoted on the Other Board and attended largely by men who use the Other Board and the escorts who service them. Not only did Bada Bing girls, independents and escorts from other agencies hand out business cards like Halloween candy, but numerous liaisons were arranged for that very night at a nearby hotel. The going rate was $250 an hour. Crazy Horse is correct about the Other Board's advertising rates for escort agencies. As for my relationship with Veronika Lake, it was and remains that of a reporter and a source, and that alone. For more response to the Bada Bing story, see "Off the Hook."

Building for the Future

Sprawl in the family: I enjoyed Adam Cayton-Holland's November 4 What's So Funny? I am a Colorado native, born in Englewood and raised in Littleton; I, too, stay away from the 'burbs now and have been living in Denver for ten years. I'm studying urban and regional planning in graduate school at the University of Colorado at Denver. Last semester I wrote a paper on the current conditions of Colorado Boulevard and also reminisced about the days of Celebrity Sports Center.

That said, I have a few comments about Adam's T-Rex bashing. Townhomes built quickly with conveniences for "yuppies"? These developments not only cater to young urban professionals, but all locals who stop by. They also serve an important role in the calming of urban sprawl. Let's be realistic: Is T-Rex really creating a higher demand or allowance for migration to Denver? No, people who are young are moving here no matter what. We have good schools, great weather and plenty of outdoor and indoor activity. So when the people are moving in by the swarms, we must accommodate them with transit and housing!

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