Letters to the Editor

From the week of November 25, 2005

Building up development in Denver (up high, like condos and townhomes) frees space along the periphery of the metro area. Sure, we could keep the same Denver charm with one- or two-story single-family housing in the city, but the boundary of the urban area would take over to the north, south, east and west. It is important to continue with the pattern of infill development, densifying the urban core (Denver) in order to keep the overall city in check. I live one block from Sushi Den on South Pearl Street, and I am welcoming the light-rail expansion by my house, as well as the lofts and condos adjacent to the stations that make these transit stations efficient. I think I will find many economic groups, not just yuppies, using the first-floor commerce planned in these sections.

Anyway, it does touch the soul to watch your home town change so rapidly, but come on: People are moving to Denver whether we want them or not.

Tareq S. Wafaie

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