The Beatdown

In Denver, it seems, smokers can't get no respect.

"The smokers are increasingly disenfranchised and made pariahs, if you will," Clamage notes. "There's no question that smoking is bad for your health, but it's a legal activity. Smokers pay taxes and smokers vote, yet smokers are the ones who are disenfranchised and not treated as equal citizens under the law."

Amen, brother. My money is as green as that of those who abstain. And I don't need the government to give me a moral compass, thanks. So until I no longer have a choice, I'll continue to patronize places like Rock Island, where I can fire up without feeling like an outcast.

Got a light?

Upbeats and beatdowns: Last Wednesday, I dropped by Brewski's to catch Ben Park Drive and Drug Under. According to Khristian Touly, Brewski's general manager, the club at 1451 Cortez Street is considering bringing in original acts once a month. Touly seemed pretty upbeat about the prospects -- but was far less enthused with a January 20 item in Club Scout that claimed Brewski's New Year's Eve bash ended in a melee with separate skirmishes involving the band Russia, as well as the arrest of the venue's owners, forcing the bar to close early.

"It states in there about fights not being unheard of in this part of town, and that's correct," Touly told me. "But the fight did not involve the band and the owners. The altercation ended at 11 p.m., but the place did not close down. We stayed open until last call, brought in the New Year with horns, whistles, the whole thing. There was no arrests at the place. There was no police on the property... there was police later on for some other dispute, but there was nothing associated with Brewski's itself and no arrests made, before, like, two o'clock in the morning."

Our apologies to both Russia and Brewski's for the misinformation -- and our best wishes for a great live local-music lineup.

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