Letters to the Editor

From the week of February 3, 2005

Maybe Kenny could try a little harder next time. He's not doing anybody any favors by publishing inaccuracies.

Matthew Brandon

Grave reservations: I can't believe the cartoon making fun of the Catholic church that buried the embryos. This is a new low, even for this lefty paper. I was just shocked at the complete lack of respect. I cannot imagine anybody finding this funny. I am completely ashamed to say I was ever a reader of Westword. I have no idea why the editors would have allowed this distasteful cartoon to ever make it to press.

Curtis Gardner

A Few Bones to Pick

Where there's smoke, there's ire: Lord knows the mile-high public needs clear directions to a favorable restaurant. By extension, the discerning restaurant critic becomes even more necessary. Jason Sheehan's recent tip toward Brooks Smokehouse, a good barbecue joint ("Only in America," January 20), is appreciated. His garrulous pride in "the true mark of obsessive American ingenuity" is detracting.

The philosopher Simone de Beauvoir published an account of her expatriate travels in the U.S. shortly after World War II. A liberated Parisienne, she approached American culture a bit wide-eyed, optimistic and determined to quiet the European disdain for our boorishness. Unfortunately, several months here tempered her enthusiasm. She found our reputation for vapidity and the unfounded boast hadn't been exaggerated. None was so apparent as our pride in the one gastronomical contribution, that truly Midwestern dish: barbecue. Which, Ms. Beauvoir discovered, although quite tasty, was simply meat smoked over fire. In other words, the elemental and most common way of cooking meat.

Sheehan knows better than most that the only culinary tradition we export begins with processed cheese and Pepsi.

Douglas Wilson

Dance, Fool, Dance

Ugly is as ugly does: Michael Paglia is so right on (Artbeat, January 20). Those massive dancing sculptures are so hideous and disgusting. Every time I drive past them, I just want to cry and scream: Why? Why? It's such a waste of money, of time, of sight. And now, of future sculptures. The only thing they are not short on is puke-ification.

Julia Brown DeThomas

Baaa Bravo

The nanny diaries: Juliet Wittman's review of Curious Theatre's production of The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia? was delightful ("Home on the Mange," January 20). I saw the show on preview night and felt that it was one of the more exciting productions I've seen in Denver in years. Juliet's insightful review addressed the difficult social, moral and artistic questions of the show with great wit and precision. Thank you.

Darren R. Schroader

Hyphens and Lows

Parade rest: Usually when I read moronic banter like that which Neil Haverstick wrote about Tom Tancredo in last week's letter about the January 20 On the Record, I just have a good laugh. But since I live in Lakewood, I had to speak up. Most people in Lakewood are not hate-filled "inflamers" like Neil. I wonder how Neil would react if some "Italian-Americans" spoke out against the gatherings that the "Native American" community holds around Denver on a regular basis. Would it be the same reaction that other proud Americans and Coloradans have when Native American community leaders call the Columbus Day Parade a "celebration of hatred"? That was just ludicrous; I seriously doubt that anyone who attended that parade did so out of hatred, except for maybe the protesters.

In case Neil has forgotten our history, there have been plenty of "European-Americans" killed by Native Americans. When it comes right down to it, we're all Americans -- with no hyphenated prefix. We all have a common history that none of us can change. We all have unique cultural backgrounds. We should embrace and celebrate all cultures equally. When any group takes a stance based on hatred and lashes out at another group, we all suffer. Instead, we ought to take advantage of the opportunities we have to move Colorado forward to a place where different ethnic groups mix so well that the rest of the country is jealous!

Ben Campbell and Tom Tancredo both are great Coloradans and great Americans, and both have served this state and country well. Neil, the democratic process is open to everyone. So instead of sitting on the sidelines pointing your inflammatory finger of hatred, why don't you run against Mr. Tancredo in the next election?

Mike Triplett

Made in America: With all due respect for Neil Haverstick's musical talent, what exactly does he think North America would look like today if Europeans hadn't developed it?

P.S.: Kenny Be is hilarious!

Brian Moriarty

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